Veridot appoints new distributors in the Netherlands

Veridot recently welcomed our new distributors for the Netherlands, Rob and Jan Wagemakers from Microdot International, for a week of training.

Based in the beautiful Dutch city of The Hague, they will be representing and distributing Veridot in Europe as well as promoting various other Holomatrix products such as swing tags in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Denmark.

Their role also includes gaining publicity for the Veridot brand in Europe, and explaining the uses and advantages of microdot technology to potential customers and partners. Finally, Rob and Jan will work with law enforcement agencies throughout Europe promoting microdot technology and compliance. Protecting assets through microdot application is a proven method to prevent theft and Europe is now gaining ground on other parts of the world where the technology is already entrenched.

Pictured below: CEO Kevin Peterson poses with newly appointed Veridot distributors for the Netherlands, Rob and Jan Wagemakers.