Veridot is proud to partner with CMH

We are excited to announce that Veridot has joined up with one of South Africa’s leading vehicle dealership groups, CMH, who now offer our high quality microdot solution to their broad base of customers.

With Veridot’s microdot solution comes a new innovation – the Veridot Loyalty Program (VLP). This initiative gives customers joining the program access to a number of terrific value benefits that will ultimately offset the cost of the program. It creates value for both the customer and the dealership, and also has very exciting implications outside the vehicle space.

For more information on the VLP, contact Veridot or speak with your local CMH dealership. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with CMH in the years to come!

Pictured below is Veridot National Sales Manager, Travis Griffiths, with CMH Regional Back End Support Manager, Lizelle van Heerden, and Lexus Used Car Sales Manager, Ishay Rajkumar.